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OPIS Emergency Back-up Power Pack

Product Description:

A purpose designed range of 24 Volt power supply units, designed to provide full output in emergency mode and where required, normal mains lighting via an integral or remote low voltage transformer.
All units are supplied complete with VRLA Batteries (integral), a 1m green charge healthy LED indicator and mounting collar. All non-maintained units can be converted to maintained use by using a remote or existing transformer.

The IP65-rated Arco is a 3 hour maintained or non-maintained LED bulkhead emergency LED luminaire, designed for 3 hours operation on battery power after a mains power failure. efficient and reliable operation in a variety of contexts, including stairwells, corridors, foyers and general circulartion areas ideal for architectural, retail, healthcare, commercial and hospitality applications, where demands on the quality and energy efficiency of light are high. The Phantasia is ideal for residential and commercial new builds, refurbishments or retrofits.

Serenity Lighting® is the projects division of IST Ltd and specialises in the delivery of smart, connected, flicker-free lighting. The team provides a high level of service, assisting clients with lighting projects from concept to realisation. When implemented in combination with our highly reliable iDrive® LED drivers and iMune® control system, we are able to provide a unique opportunity to achieve the most efficient  and healthy LED lighting installations available.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 6W

Input Voltage: 220-240V AC; 50/60Hz

Emergency Duration: 3 hours

Dimensions: 385mm x 395mm x105mm

Battery Type: 2x 12V valve regulated lead-acid

Ballast Lumen Factor: 100% in emergency mode

Ingress Protection: IP20

Charger: constant voltage

Cut-off voltage: 20.4 V
Ambient Temperature: 0 C to +25 C
Battery Pack: integral
Recharge Time: 24 hours
Enclosure: Sheet steel hinged enclosure

40W Version:
Maximum Output: 40W
Capacity: 7 amp hours
Weight: 11 Kg

100W Version:
Maximum Output: 100W
Capacity: 17 amp hours
Weight: 17 Kg



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