Ideal for LED and standard lighting fixtures

Excellent light diffusion and haze properties

High transmission (78-92%)

Engineered nano structured surfaces and nano-

sol gels

GPPS, PMMA & PC Materials



Tile lights 





Product Description:

nanoDiff™ light shaping diffusers are a versatile range of high-quality diffusers with superior properties designed specifically for the LED lighting industry. These properties allow brighter images and avoid undesired hot spots or fluctuations in luminance, even in ultraslim illuminated signs.

nanoDiff™ light shaping diffusers turns light into a unique experience. Soft, pleasant lighting devoid of harsh shadows makes for agreeable conditions. Different light sources complement each other harmoniously enabling single or multicoloured lighting fixtures perfectly even.

Whether direct or edge lit the, nanoDiff™ Acrylic, Polystyrene and Polycarbonate materials are equally suitable for luminaires, signage, linear strips, small spotlights and most other lighting fixture types.

Compared with other plastic materials, the surface of nanoDiff™ light shaping diffusers can be insensitive to abrasion and highly non-marring. Certain materials can be bonded, laser cut and edge-polished, in thicknesses of 1.5, 1.8 and 3mm as standard.

Technical Specifications:

Excellent transparency
Heat resistance

Chemical resistance

Resistant to outside weather

High rigidity


Ultra durable

Heat resistance

Fire resistance
Excellent transparency
Heat resistance
Alkaline resistance

For information on transmission properties, dimensions, thickness and strength, please download the product datasheet.



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