Serenity Lighting® is the smart lighting division of IST Ltd tasked with designing and delivering bespoke LED lighting projects, comprising healthy, flicker-free low voltage LED lighting, LED power supplies and highly intelligent control solutions for commercial, architectural, education, retail, hospitality, amenity, industrial and entertainment applications.

The Serenity Lighting® team are passionate about cutting carbon and delivering the healthiest possible artificial human-centric lighting, in order to improve the health and general well-being of workers, patients, students and people in general in their everyday environments.

Serenity®'s patented DynaWhite® healthy lighting technology brings daylight indoors by mimicking the changes in intensity and colour temperature of natural daylight over a 24 hour period, thereby triggering the same psychological and physiological responses governed by exposure to natural sunlight.

Serenity Lighting® technology is also incredibly energy efficient and its iMune® control system offers additional scope for carbon mitigation, with comprehensive energy management and live energy usage updates for facilities managers to fully control energy consumption and reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Serenity Lighting® provides LED lighting solutions to end-users, such as lighting desginers, specifiers, facilities managers & energy managers, with a strong focus on quality and service, with the ultimate goal of creating aesthetically pleasing and more importantly healthy, human-centric lighting in a cost effective manner.

Serenity Lighting is committed to continuous investment in the development of world class connected lighting systems with exceptional added value.  Our unrivalled cost:performance ratio is attainable in conjunction with IST’s ultra-efficient iDrive® LED driver range and iMune control system.

Serenity Lighting is at the forefront of advanced intelligent lighting technology, including ground-breaking projects with Visual Light Communication (VLC or LiFi) and an FP7 project on UV light engine development, as well as research into healthy lighting. For more information on these projects, please refer to our R&D page.