OEM Supply/Manufacturing

Product Concept & Design   Product Development   Test and Measurement   Product Production

Product Development

Component modelling

  • 3D CAD modelling to generate part data, such as mass properties, geometric data, etc.

  • Production of 2D and production engineering drawings to communicate concept data

Product modelling


  • Assembly of components to assess product properties product form

  • Investigate and assess component fit and interaction

  • Optimisation of assembly to minimise production issues

Product analysis


  • Thermal analysis and design/development support

  • Finite element analysis (FEA): mathematical simulation of thermal behaviour of components

  • Allows products to be refined and modified before investing in costly prototypes

  • Calculation of the thermal profile within components providing detailed data that cannot be measured directly.

Design for X

  • Understanding manufacturing constraints allows IST to develop products that are optimised for production: minimising problems, reducing scrap, improving quality, working to accommodate unavoidable issues in a manageable manner

  • Thorough understanding of assembly methods and possibilities allows IST to develop products that are simple to assemble reducing costs, reducing opportunities to make mistakes, utilising standard components to reduce inventory and BOM

Product Prototyping


  • Testing and analysis of prototypes, including evaluation of component performance.
Design and Supply of MCPCB,
FR4 LED printed circuit boards

Sheet metal work

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Painting and Silk Screen
    printing available

Electronic design work

  • Design of light engines PCBs

  • Generation of Gerber files for production

  • Component selection and sourcing

Optical simulation

  • Modelling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mechanical systems.

  • Design of reflectors, optics and mixed systems for LED lighting

  • Light distributions in illumination and imaging systems

  • Stray light, scattered light and aperture diffraction

  • Throughput, loss, or system transmittance

Relux Lighting Scheme Simulation

  • IST offers a complementary service to allow clients to visualise a specific project lighting scheme. Enables a client to predict performance of installing different products and define most effective plan to meet guideline standards

  • Simulate lighting schemes to make most effective use of fixtures or improve aesthetic appeal of space

  • Calculate requirements to illuminate a space with a particular product