"Innovation distinguishes between a leader
and a follower"  Steve Jobs


“Scattering Cold Illuminating Light Source (SCILS)”, 1999.
“LED Illumination Control System (ICS)”, 2001.
“Illumination Control System for Light Emitters”, 2003.
“Improvements to Lighting Control Systems”, 2003.
“Collimated Illumination System using an Extended Apparent Source Size" 2008.
"Power-Configurable, High Reliability Hybrid Control System" 2011.
"Power control system for an illumination system", 2012


Our company’s core philosophy is to harness the innovative thinking of its entrepreneurial-minded engineering and commercial teams to deliver a range of ground breaking technologies to the lighting market.

The breakthroughs covering next generation LED lighting technologies come as a result of considerable R&D investment, enabling our team to push the boundaries of existing technologies and to help keep our customers at the top of the market. Our team places equal importance on developing new patents and concepts with introducing advanced technology products in volume applications.

IST has invested significantly over the last decade in creating a powerful global patent portfolio, covering several key solid-state lighting technologies:

  • Imaging and non-imaging optical systems for lighting fixtures
  • LED luminaires – downlights, diffusers, Quantum Dots 
  • LED driver output stage topologies
  • High efficiency power supplies
  • Variable CCT and high CRI LED fixtures
  • Data communications and protocols
  • Deep dimming LED current control

IST’s entire current product range is covered by our portfolio of intellectual property, ensuring our partners can take advantage of our innovations and stay ahead of the development curve.

The list below shows the current list of granted IST patents. Several more have been submitted and are currently being processed.

  • UK Patent No(s): 2,340,215; 2,369,730; 2,408,315; 1,433,363 (E); 2,433,091; 0814255.6; 1202212.5; 1100691.3

  • EUROPEAN Patent Application No(s): 05735894.7; 08750475.9; 2324280; Euro Pat App 2 218 304; 12151464.0; PCT Patent Application No: PCT/GB2009/001923; 09784871.7; 13154486.8

  • CHINA Patent No: ZL200980139063; Int Pat App PCT/GB2009/001923; CN102177 395A; 201210119758.8

  • JAPAN Patent No: 4445082 

  • US Patent No: 6,422,718; 6,963,175; 1; 12/738 750; PCT/GB2009/001923;  7,923,935, US-2011-0140633-A1; 8,659,237; 8,644,882; 13/762 694

  • AUSTRALIA Patent No(s): 2002321596; 2009278992; 2012200252

  • CZECH REPUBLIC Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • DENMARK Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • FRANCE Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • GERMANY Patent No: 602 31 418.6 (E)

  • IRELAND Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • ITALY Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • LUXEMBOURG Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • MONACO Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • NETHERLANDS Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • SWEDEN Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)

  • SWITZERLAND Patent No: 1,433,363 (E)