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UK Application No: 1202212.5; USA Application No: 13/762 694; European Application No: 13154486.8


Filed: 7th February 2012


The present invention relates to improvements in methods and apparatus to power light sources, and in particular but not exclusively, relates to a method and apparatus to dim or otherwise adjust brightness or regulate the power to light sources such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and other Solid-State Light (SSL) source loads based upon organic or inorganic light emission mechanisms. The present invention also relates to improvements in methods and apparatus to provide a means of data transfer via the power control circuit to the light sources to provide both an illumination means and an optical communications network means for transmitting information using said light sources and a means for receiving information.

Claim 1: A power control system for an illumination system comprising:

  • a power source to supply any one of a range of AC or DC voltages;
  • a power conversion stage;
  • one or more light emitting device(s) for illumination and/or wireless communication;
  • a controller controlling an output stage to receive and send information in order to regulate the power and/or current to the light emitting device(s);
  • a programmable voltage clamping or linear regulator arrangement contained within the output stage that can be controlled to increase a dynamic dimming ratio of current and/or power through the light emitting device(s) and to enable power or current modulation for wireless optical communication of said light emitting device(s).

Keywords: VLC, LIFI, Power electronics, OLED, LED, drivers, dimming