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IST has firmly established itself as an international OEM/ODM supplier of choice for both Serenity™ LED lighting fixtures and iDrive® LED drivers and controls. The IST team comprises leading experts recognised globally, covering all aspects of solid state lighting including product styling, mechanical design, thermal management, optical design, LED drivers and advanced lighting control systems.

A dedicated on-site design and engineering team provides IST’s customers with a complete, holistic approach to the delivery of innovative, highly efficient and healthy LED driver and lighting solutions, from initial concept right through to product launch, producing custom-built designs to suit customers’ unique specifications and high quality standards.

IST’s combined years of practical experience and analytical training ensures the seamless integration of all of these processes. Right from the concept generation stage, IST’s design engineers employ their skills to consider all aspects of the project  (LEDs, type of PCB, heat sink, electronic system design, CAD/CFD system configuration, etc.) to achieve best system performance.