IST Presents about LED technology at Leading Renewable Energy Technology Centre, Germany

Dr Geoff Archenhold was recently invited to present to a capacity audience on LED technology assembled at the Technology Centre for Future Energies (TZL) in Lichtenau, Germany.

Dr Archenhold presented an overview of LED lighting, recent technology advances and introduced several new LED drivers based on the latest DSP technology, which significantly improve efficiency and lifetime, compared to standard LED drivers in the market place today.

Other speakers included Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Meyer, who described renewable energy initiatives in North Rhine-Westphalia and Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Daum, who discussed the potential impact of biofuels.

Dr Archenhold explained to the audience how IST had just launched an MR16 replacement fixture, which offers the performance of a 50W halogen equivalent with a total system efficacy in excess of 60 lm/W and a lifetime in excess of 30,000 hours all for less than 50 euros. The new MR16 unit provides a significant return on investment on the running costs alone and Dr Archenhold explained the step change in market offering was due to the R&D team optimising the LED fixture from the LEDs and heatsink right through to the driver.

Archenhold is already a household name in Germany, as Geoffrey’s grandfather, Friedrich Simon Archenhold, was the founder of the famous Treptow Observatory in Berlin, home to what was the longest telescope in the world and the venue of Einstein’s first lecture on the Theory of Relativity in Berlin.

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