It Just Takes Two! New iDrive® Solo 40 LED Drivers Help Reduce Inventory Costs with Amazing 1:5 Driver Output Voltage Range

Integrated System Technologies (IST) Limited, a leading British manufacturer of the trusted iDrive® brand of intelligent LED lighting driver solutions, today announced the launch of the iDrive® Solo 40 range, consisting of just two models which can cover the majority of LED fixtures types.


The team developed the new Solo 40 to offer an unprecedented and highly stable 1:5 LED output voltage range. The technology breakthrough allows the first Solo 4 to 40W model to offer a DC output voltage from 11V to 54V in 350mA, 500mA and 700mA forward current options. The second model offers an 11V to 40V output voltage range, with output forward current options of 1000mA and 500mA.


Lighting fixture manufacturers can now select just two LED driver models to cover the majority of their LED fixtures, helping to reduce LED driver inventory by using one LED driver to cover a complete range of LED fixtures, which saves money and increases availability, whilst using a trusted and reliable LED driver brand.Solo 40W; 4-40W CC LED Driver


Dr Geoff Archenhold, founder of IST, stated: “We listened to customers that wanted to reduce the number of LED drivers they had to purchase for their LED lighting portfolios and simultaneously reduce the costs of the drivers. We pushed the limits for single stage topology design to offer greater than a 1:5 output voltage range to allow them to do this. The key challenge was not only to offer the extended output voltage range, but also to enable highly stable constant current outputs when both input and output voltages vary, which we have managed to achieve in a highly cost competitive package”.


The two iDrive® Solo 40 models offer unparalleled high quality performance specifications, including:

  • Typical PFC of 0.95
  • Inrush currents <3A
  • Leakage currents <0.25mA
  • High efficiency up to 89%
  • 1:5 output voltage range with current regulation <10% across the range
  • EN61347-1/-2-13, EN62384, EN 61047, EN55015, IEC61547


Nina Blackmore, Marketing Manager, explained: “The simplicity of the new constant current Solo 40 models allows fixture manufacturers to drive down costs by increasing the volumes with just two LED driver models across the majority of their LED lighting portfolio. Such an advantage developed using our latest driver technology just reinforces the innovation within the iDrive® brand and its wide portfolio of dimmable and non-dimmable LED drivers.”


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