IST Launches World's Most Secure Lighting Control Network at LuxLive 2013

Archie Screenshot

IST formally launched the iMune™ secure wireless lighting control system on stand H13 at LuxLive 2013, Earls Court, on 20th and 21st November.

iMune™ is probably the world's most secure lighting network control system and is based upon the industry standard Ethernet and WI-FI control protocols 802.11 b/g/n to enable a secure yet open and easy-to-use architecture.

Global Industry Analysts predicts that by 2018, the global lighting controls market will soar to £5 billion, fuelled by government legislation and the growing demand for lighting control systems across various building types, such as airports, factories, hospitals, schools, railway stations and other public buildings.

Unfortunately, the majority of the lighting supply chain does not have adequate network security experience, leaving gaping security holes in poorly designed lighting control systems. Even the very latest lighting control systems, whether wired or wireless, have not been designed with sound security principals at their core, leaving end-user installations open to a variety of network attacks, which at best would cause inconvenience but at worst subject the lighting system to vulnerabilities, including total loss of lighting control to 3rd parties wishing to cause severe disruption.

The new iMune™ secure network lighting control system employs state-of-the-art encryption algorithms combined with industry standard encryption, firewall and networking security principles. Totally secure, the iMune™ networking solution allows any Ethernet-based products to connect and control a lighting installation, thus ensuring end-users are not tied into a bespoke manufacturers proprietary solution.

The iMune™ system provides simple-to-use and totally secure access via mobile or PC devices running the free to download "Archie" client software. Max Kuzmins, Software Development Engineer at IST, explains "Archie has been initially developed for mobile phone and tablet platforms to allow users to have complete control over all lighting devices within the network. A fast and simple Graphical User Interface has been designed to allow users to create a personalised environment right down to giving individual lighting fixtures their own names. Of course, it's possible to use advanced functions, such as creating unlimited numbers of groups, zones and scenes and for those which require a further level of management. iMuneTM is also capable of assigning a user with certain access and control rights."

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Dr Geoff Archenhold continues: "Lighting control systems are vitally important to help with reducing a building's carbon emissions, but I am deeply disturbed that the lighting industry and end-users have not recognised the threat of network security. Recent, high profile lighting security issues have been seen with a variety of products or protocols (see wireless lighting hack) and Zigbee wireless vulnerabilities) and I still see products launched, which claim to be totally secure when they obviously cannot be. For example, there are many new lighting control systems being launched based on the Zigbee wireless protocol but this protocol isn't secure, even if it is claimed to use encryption as explained by the Cisco white paper. The result is Zigbee-based control systems can be easily disrupted or shut down using low cost equipment widely available on the Internet. In stark contrast, the IST engineering team developed the iMuneTM system's patent pending security techniques to ensure attack against packet sniffing technologies or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, whilst maintaining an easy-to-use, flexible system.

If you missed IST on stand H13 at LuxLive 2013, Nina Blackmore, Marketing Manager at IST, recommends speaking to our network security team about the new iMune™ system, especially if you are looking to implement a lighting control system and need piece of mind it will be secure.