The iDrive® Centralised LED Driver Range Stands Out from the Crowd at the Elektrotechniek Show

IST Sales Director, Matt Fitzpatrick, is spending the week at the Elektrotechniek show with IST's Benelux distributor, LRS Solutions, where IST's innovative iDrive® centralised LED driver range has caught the eye of the Dutch media:

English translatiion of article:

LRS Solutions specializes in providing solutions in the area of lighting controls. This week the company is presenting a new innovation at the Elektrotechniek electronics exhibition in the Netherlands: the 'central LED driver’.

"Drivers are usually mounted above ceilings, near the LED fixture," explains Jimmy van Bemmel of LRS Solutions. "This sounds logical, but is it true? Drivers are, depending on the quality of the finished products, often the weakest link in an LED installation. It is therefore illogical to place the LED driver where it can be difficult to reach at a later date. Placing a central LED driver in an easily accessible place is a much smarter move. The new LED driver that we are introducing this week ensures that there is no longer a need to install individual drivers above the ceiling and also ensures a straightforward installation because of the centralization of the drivers."

According to van Bemmel, the iDrive® Thor 36 is capable of controlling two thousand watts of LED lighting. The new centralised drivers are made in Europe; LRS Solutions is the exclusive importer for the Benelux. The iDrive® Force 24 is a variant that can be used with 24 light sources with LEDs from 100 to 1000 milliamps. Van Bemmel commented: "The iDrive® is available in several variants, including a version with 12 and a version with 36 channels. This makes it an ideal product for architectural and entertainment applications.”