Case Study: Austria Center Vienna (ACV)

IST’s iDrive® White Knight 36 and Thor 36 centralised LED drivers were the drivers of choice for a full Ethernet-based lighting refurbishment of several halls within the impressive Austria Center Vienna (ACV). The project was delivered by IST’s partner in Austria, Leman GmbH, a company with over 40 years’ experience in the delivery of technical services across a wide variety of global settings, such as event, film and TV productions, as well as the design and implementation of architectural lighting.

Austria Center Vienna

The ACV is one of Europe’s largest and most modern international exhibition centres and is used for conferences, corporate events and concerts.  Linked internally to the adjacent Vienna International Center, the campus forms part of the UNO-City, an imposing site located on the north bank of the River Danube which houses several international organizations, including one of the four United Nations headquarters. About 5,000 people work at the site, which is constantly a hub of international activity. 

The Problem
With ceiling heights of up to 15m, the ACV is vast and thus requires a substantial number of luminaires to illuminate the space sufficiently. Due to this internationals hub's high profile, the client wanted to lead from the front and implement the most innovative and efficient technology, offering the very best in energy savings. Installing single channel LED drivers next to luminaires high in the ceilings proved to be a massive stumbling block at the planning stage, however, with the potential of generating significant costs for installation, commissioning, not to mention the potential operational headache for future maintenance and the associated spiralling costs.

The client therefore sought a highly innovative, energy efficient lighting solution, for which power could be supplied at a distance to the luminaires from a centralised location at ground floor level, in order to significantly simplify installation, commissioning and allow easy, immediate access for any future maintenance.

The Solution
iDrive® centralised LED drivers were absolutely ideal for the refurbishment of this highly impressive international centre. With each individual centralised, rack-mounted LED driver capable of powering up to 36 luminaires from a single point, the drivers could be installed at ambient temperature in a designated ground floor location, without compromising on the power supplied to each luminaire. Installing LED drivers at ground-level in ambient temperature not only serves to significantly prolong the lifetime of the LED drivers, but also vastly simplifies installation, commissioning and future maintenance.

In addition to its unique rack-mounted, centralised design, the iDrive® centralised LED driver range boasts the smoothest dimming on the market and provides totally flicker-free, healthy lighting, which is widely recognised as being critical for the health and wellbeing of people in their everyday work and leisure environments.

Project Roll-out:
Initially, 55 x iDrive® White Knight 36 and 14x iDrive® Thor 36 were installed in Halls A, B and C. The 4312m² space can either be configured as independent halls, or combined as one to create a huge conference hall capable of seating 4,320 people. The 36 channel iDrive® White Knight 36 models are used to control approximately 800 x 32W downlights and 415 x 30W-40W high bay luminaires. A further 6 x iDrive® White Knight 36 were installed in Hall N and 19 x iDrive® White Knight 36 were installed in Halls D, G and K to power 442 x downlights (33W).

The Thor 36 LED drivers are controlling approximately 1100m of flexible RGB tape and a further 150m of flexible white LED tape, which gives the room a really modern ambience and allows for the mood of the space to be dramatically changed using colour variations, according to the event it is hosting.

Control Solution:
Ethernet was chosen as the control solution because the client wanted to use an IP-based control network to facilitate the integration and control of the large number of luminaires, as well as providing a future-proof solution for when new halls and luminaires need to be added to the system.

The iDrive® product range supports modern Ethernet control protocols, such as sCAN, Art-Net 3 and Art-Osc, to allow lighting systems to be controlled by resident BMS systems or temporary control systems found in touring event management. For this project, the iDrive® LED drivers are all controlled by DMX, Art-Net and sACN. BMS is also configured into the scheme for the emergency lighting dimming and colour changes can be conveniently made via iPad. 

iDrive® LED drivers are designed with smart buildings in mind, to allow seamless integration of multiple IP networks to simplify facilities management and to improve the overall user experience for people in their everyday working and living environments. Our unique flicker-free LED drivers ensure that everyone who works, rests or plays under luminaires powered by iDrive® will not be adversely affected by the flicker found in most other LED systems.