New Lighting for Exclusive Tokyo Retirement Home

The Sun City retirement home is the most exclusive of its kind in Tokyo, with resident entry fees starting at one million dollars. The building is designed to the highest standards with luxury furnishings and features facilities such as restaurants, pool, gym, spa and other extravagant comforts.


NTT Group’s construction arm, EXEO, is in charge of all construction, development and maintenance of the building. The lighting system for the pool was outdated and EXEO equired an LED solution that would add a touch of elegance and meet the high standards throughout the rest of the building.

EXEO anticipated that one of the greatest challenges would be to commission programmable LED drivers in underground locations around the pool’s perimeter, which are very difficult to access.

The project also required high quality IP rated luminaires that could emit 4 colours enabling a huge palette and ambience of colour scenes to be selected using a compatible and simple to install control system.


The project was subcontracted to Kanda Tsushin, a leader in control solutions, which has an extensive network throughout Japan. They opted for Stellasia’s LED fixtures, powered by the flicker-free iDrive® Force 12 LED driver.

Sun City Pool Refurbishment_Tokyo_Japan

The iDrive® Force  12 was an ideal LED driver solution, as its wall-mounted design and patented technology allows it to be installed at significant distances (>100m) from the luminaires, allowing easy access for installation, commissioning and any future maintenance. Installing the LED drivers away from the luminaires significantly improves the lifetime and maintenance of the total system.

IST supplied iDrive® Force 12 LED drivers, each driver capable of powering 12 channels and up to 3 colour changing luminaires. 

The Force 12 was a perfect solution for the project, as its design enabled the drivers to be installed at a distance from the luminaires and in this case well away from the pool area, hence avoiding chlorine corrosion and degradation through heat and humidity.

Stellasia coordinated with WAGO Japan to provide a wireless control system for both the DALI and EnOcean protocols, which are fully compatible with iDrive® LED drivers. The lights can be turned on and off, dimmed, and even change colour through scene selection by using the switch.

A key innovation in this installation is the EnOcean wireless protocol, comprising a battery-less switch which requires no power source to operate! The clicking of the switch generates a tiny amount of energy, which is enough to send a signal to an antenna up to 30 meters away.


After commissioning, the pool was refilled with water and opened again for use by residents, who responded extremely positively to the lighting upgrade. Both Kanda Tsushin, members of the NTT Group, and the Sun City management representatives were hugely impressed by the new lighting system which not only replaced the old halogen-based solution with colour changing, energy efficient LED luminaires, but also improved ease of control and maintenance using remote LED drivers and advanced control solutions all in a healthy and flicker-free manner.