IST and Siemon Collaborate to Exhibit a Unified Vision of Secure, Intelligent Building Management

IST and The Siemon Company will be exhibiting IST’s iMune® centralised low voltage LED lighting building management system and Siemon’s ConvergeIT™ cabling solutions for intelligent buildings at the upcoming Tech Leaders’ Summit on the 15th September 2016 in London.

The Tech Leaders’ Summit is the UK’s largest summit for IT technology leaders and covers four important themes, including security, data, cloud and mobile leadership and is an ideal event to demonstrate how the collaboration between IST and Siemon can deliver converged network solutions, incorporating smart lighting and control systems.

The partnership will provide a sneak preview of iMune® and how easily it can be integrated with centralised, rack-mounted LED drivers to provide an intelligent lighting solution, based on tried and tested Ethernet structured cabling.

iMune® has been developed over the last 3 years to satisfy the demand for smart control applications for the converging IT and building networks. The system has been designed specifically around corporate and user requirements and offers:

Security: 8192-bit key encryption and hierarchical user control.

Scalability: Ethernet-based communications for tens of thousands of devices.

Business Intelligence: smart data on installations using no-SQL DBMS and 3rd party dashboard visualisation.

Healthy Lighting: totally flicker-free LED lighting, using IST’s iDrive® centralised drivers.

Systems Integration: the ability to seamlessly integrate legacy systems and control protocols.

Individualisation: enables highly refined and personalised control in a simple and user-friendly way.

According to Cisco, there were 16.3 billion networked devices in 2015 and this figure is expected to increase to over 26.3 billion devices by 2020. Such devices are clearly going to be integral to the success of intelligent building design. The advent of new government-led regulations, climate change pressures and the ability to reduce CO² and energy expenditure will enable the rapid convergence of lighting control and data networks.

There are many advantages to converged networks that can provide advanced lighting and building management control, but to date the systems that are available on the market tend to be highly insecure, proprietary, difficult to implement and use, difficult to integrate with legacy systems, not to mention extremely expensive.

The skill set required to deliver intelligent building systems is diverse, which is why IST and Siemon are collaborating to deliver a clear vision on how best to ensure buildings are equipped not just for today’s applications, but are designed from day one with the capacity and flexibility to support developments for the next 50 years.

Through the deployment of a unified intelligent building (IB) cabling solution, which combines Siemon’s high quality, industry leading, shielded copper and advanced fibre cabling solutions with IST’s expertise in low-voltage centralised power and control solutions, we have created a structured cabling solution that converges critical data, sensors, voice, video and low-voltage building systems onto a single unified physical infrastructure, providing significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of any facility.

Dr Geoff Archenhold, IST founder, stated: “We are really pleased to be collaborating with Siemon and support the Tech Leaders’ summit, as both companies strongly believe in the digital ceiling concept, which can drive significant cost savings and business intelligence benefits. By combining Siemon’s leadership in global structured cabling solutions with IST’s leading centralised low voltage power and control solutions, the partnership can offer today a highly competitive deployment of smart controls using a high level of security encryption across a networked structure”.