iDrive® Launches the Thor 16 with DALI Lamp Out Function

IST Ltd continues to revolutionise LED driver technology with the launch of the iDrive® Thor 16, which combines the high performance and functionality necessary for the increasingly smart world of networked buildings.

iDrive Thor 16 with DALI Lamp Out Function

Designed specifically for unparalleled dimming control of constant voltage linear profiles with DALI, DMX, RDM and Ethernet connectivity, the iDrive® Thor 16 follows its more powerful brother, the iDrive® Thor 36, and the nimble single channel iDrive® Uno CV, which all feature lamp-out detection within DALI, enabling system maintenance updates.  Users have the functionality to dim the constant voltage LED fixtures in 8-bit or 16-bit mode, offering unprecedented dimming accuracy and colour control. 

The 320W iDrive® Thor 16 is a multi-output (16 channel) LED driver specifically designed to reduce installation time and costs for architainment and prestigious office applications. The exceptionally high frequency dimming (up to 65kHz) of the Thor 16 means it is flicker-free, camera-compatible and ideally suited to TV and film studios, as well as cinemas, theatres, offices, hospitals, tunnels and industrial applications.

The iDrive® Thor 16 Ethernet system includes a conversion engine to convert between a wide range of dimming protocols, including DMX, RDM, DALI, DSI, Art-Net 3, and TCP/IP as standard, ensuring the ability to deliver any project. Moreover, as the connected world becomes more prevalent, the iDrive® Thor16 will ensure lighting installations are future-proof, enabling connectivity within networked buildings and smart cities.

The great advantage of the iDrive® Thor 16 is the dramatic time and cost saving potential for LED lighting installations. Traditionally, constant voltage applications require a separate power supply and LED driver for each CV linear strip/fixture, but the Thor 16 combines dimming controller, power supply and LED driver in one integrated unit, with the capacity to drive up to 16 LED channels at any one time.

Nina Archenhold commented: “The Thor 16 offers a superb middle ground between single channel drivers and our higher power, centralised LED drivers designed for larger installations.. The Thor 16 is able to dramatically reduce the complexity and associated labour costs of wiring numerous fixtures to mains and a power supply, whilst reducing the potential for wiring and power errors."

The Thor 16 can operate constant voltage LED systems from 12V to 24V, with each output capable of providing high frequency, high resolution output channels up to a maximum of 13A (24V) each or 26A (12V) maximum across all 16 channels.

Key Features:
• Flicker-free dimming down to 0.0015% 

• Camera compatible

• Reduced insallation time

• Reduced commissioning time

• Multiple dimming control protocols 

• DALI with lamp out function

• Short-circuit protection

• Current measurement on each output
• Ability to measure power consumed
• High quality, long life

If the iDrive® Thor 16 does not quite meet your needs, then you may wish to view alternative LED drivers in our range, including:
iDrive® Thor 36: rack-mounted, centralised LED driver for larger installations.
iDrive® Force 12: 12-channel satellite LED driver for constant current applications.

The Thor 16 is currently in stock and available for all constant voltage installations.

For more information and to find out how your lighting projects can benefit from the Thor 16™ and other iDrive® LED drivers, please contact or call the team on +44(0) 121 362 1810.