Lighting Refurbishment Means Brighter Future for SSC Laser & Turfmech

IST Ltd. has recently completed a full lighting refurbishment of a warehouse, adjoining offices, meeting room, training room and reception area of the premises shared by SSC Laser and Turfmech. Turfmech is a manufacturer and distributor of mowers, blowers and turf vacuums for some of the most prestigious sports grounds in the world, whilst the Steel Service Centre offers laser cutting, scanning and profiling services.

The Turfmech and SSC warehouses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so good quality lighting is absolutely essential for the health and safety of the employees within the premises. Previously, panels in the roof of the warehouse let in a certain amount of daylight, in addition to the existing low bays. However, the panels have faded considerably over time reducting light levels and maintenance of the panels in such a high ceiling is simply not cost effective. There were similar concerns about insufficient lighting levels in the offices, in which a number of lighting panels had failed.

Group Production Manager, Julian Till, was already well informed about the energy and cost saving potential of LED lighting compared to traditional light sources, without having to compromise on lighting levels, and set about looking for a company with a sound technical grasp of LED lighting, who could offer a competitively priced, single-sourced solution with a compelling return on investment.

Integrated System Technologies Ltd. met all of SSC’s requirements and installed 50 x Serenity® Quadrum 5000K LED ceiling panels in the offices, meeting room, training room and reception area, powered by 50 x iDrive® Solo 40W power drivers. In the warehouses and storage areas, 65x Serenity® Lunea 4000K LED low bay fixtures were used powered by a range of iDrive® power solutions.

The lighting in the warehouse is a vast improvement to the previous lighting installation, whilst simultaneously delivering significant savings on energy consumption and electricity costs. The lighting in the offices is also significantly brighter, now offering even illumination throughout.

Russell Joseph, Sales Executive at IST, commented: “It was great to see the premises come to life after the lighting refurbishment, compared to the previous lighting scheme, and to see another customer completely satisfied by the solution we provided”.