Geoff Archenhold Meets Former Japanese Prime Minister to Discuss the Future of Lighting

GA Meets Former Prime MinisterDr Geoff Archenhold, founder of IST, recently met with Mr Yukio Hatoyama, former prime minister of Japan, to discuss technologies that are strategically important for the future of the global lighting market. Dr Archenhold was invited by IST’s Japanese partner Stellasia to Mr Hatoyama’s family home in Tokyo, which now operates as a museum.

Mr Hatoyama is a fourth generation politician who comes from a very prominent family with deep political understanding and experience. His grandfather played a key leadership role in enabling Japan to join the United Nations. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo and receiving a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, Mr Hatoyama clearly understands the technical and commercial benefits of LED lighting.

During the meeting, Geoff explained that amongst the numerous strategic areas of development within the global lighting industry, two areas in particular will stand out over the next few years:

• The design and deployment of smart buildings using intelligent lighting solutions and networked devices
• Visual Lighting Communication or (Li-Fi)-based systems for indoor location systems, marketing, promotional information and data services.

Mr Hatoyama extols the benefits of VLC with great enthusiasm and acts as adviser to the Visual Light Communication Consortium (VLCC) in Japan (, whose vision is to accelerate the growth of the VLC industry by exchanging information and developing VLC technology in Japan and across the world.

The new technology being developed by IST is set to remove any barriers to the future deployment of VLC applications, with a unique software-based LED driver solution that adds no extra hardware costs and is highly flexible for all types of VLC application. Geoff demonstrated the new technology to Mr Hatoyama with a prototype system, which transmits data from a standard LED fixture to a receiver, which then decodes the data sent and displays the information on a display.

IST has overcome the cost barriers and achieved the ability to provide VLC data transfer, whilst dimming the LED fixture from 100% to 1%. In addition, the patented VLC driver stage allows the VLC to be switched on and off at any time without any flicker or changes in the LED intensity, which traditionally plagues other systems that either keep VLC running continuously or demonstrate flicker when VLC data is switched on or off.

Dr Archenhold stated, “It was a great honour to meet Mr Hatoyama at his family home. I was pleasantly surprised to see how interested and knowledgeable he is about VLC and LED lighting. I was very inspired by his unique vision to try and unite the East Asian communities together to form an equivalent of the European Union that would share political, economic and technological benefits. I believe Mr Hatoyama is a very unique individual, with a deep understanding of engineering and science, in addition to being a politician with exceptional presence and vision”.