IST Founder Invited to the House of Lords

Dr Geoff Archenhold, Founder and CTO of IST, was recently invited to meet Lord Paul of Marylebone at the House of Lords for a prestigious event to encourage stronger links between top businesses and universities, in order to boost innovation and business growth.

Dr Geoff_House of Lords

IST has traditionally sustained strong links with the local universities with an international reputation and has benefitted from the exceptional talent of their emerging graduates and post graduates. 

Award-winning IST is renowned for being at the cutting edge of technological innovation and employing graduate talent through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), as well as the Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network (KEEN), has provided a perfect fit for the company’s highly ambitious and research-intensive development projects.

The students employed via these two programs have had specialist skills in product design, software & application development and have been deployed on IST’s most high profile R&D projects, such as:

• Hybrid Dimming - Smoothest dimming ever designed, with no steps.
• Dynawhite® - Healthy, flicker-free lighting for the general psychological and physiological wellbeing of all.
• iMune® - Highly innovative control system able to be personalized to suit individual’s needs or those of the wider environment.