Healthy Lighting for the NHS: a Serenity Lighting® Case Study

In a first for the NHS, Serenity Lighting® has recently completed a ground-breaking PFI lighting installation across several NHS dementia wards. Installation of tuneable or ‘biodynamic’ white LED panels offers not only an energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution, but more importantly flicker-free, "healthy lighting" compared to alternative artificial light sources.

Dementia inpatients in several care units across the NHS were experiencing disrupted sleep patterns, thought to be as a result of the dominance of poor quality artificial lighting in corridors, patient rooms and communal areas, which is widely documented to be detrimental to natural biological rhythms. Armed with the research and knowledge that good quality lighting can assist with patient sleeping patterns, mood, behaviour and even analgesic medication use, the NHS sought to introduce better quality lighting, with the following aims:

• provide a low maintenance, cost-effective, energy saving solution

• help regulate patient sleep/wake patterns by subjecting patients to the right CCT and intensity of light at the right time

• improve the patient healing environment
• improve the patient experience and staff satisfaction
• enhance the reputation of the hospitals
• replace inefficient, standard fluorescent lighting fixtures with high efficiency, long-life and flicker-free, healthy lighting
• install a user-friendly control system



Serenity Lighting® installed highly efficient Dynawhite® 600x600mm colour tuneable surface mount LED panels in dementia wards across various NHS sites. The ceiling panels were installed in communal areas, corridors, assisted bathrooms, as well as a number of bedrooms. The intensity and colour of the white LED lighting was set automatically to mimic natural daylight patterns, in order to preserve the natural triggers generated by exposure to daylight and all the positive healing benefits associated with good quality lighting and a good night’s sleep. 

In addition to the white LED panels, Serenity Lighting® installed LED linear strips to produce ‘colour walls’ within a number of patient bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas. Patients in these rooms now have the ability to control the colour scheme in their room to suit their mood via a control device, thereby assisting relaxation, improving patient comfort, and the overall patient experience.

Further aesthetic improvements to the sites include the installation of colour changing LED spots within the garden areas, which are also designed to enhance psychological well-being. 


Healthy Lighting:
The lighting upgrade not only means a vastly improved patient experience, but also promises health benefits for patients, visitors and staff alike.
Maintains Circadian Rhythm: patients’ biological rhythms are improved as they would be after natural daylight exposure
No Flicker: Serenity Lighting®’s patented technology eliminates the flicker, which can sometimes be associated with other LED lighting solutions on the market
Improved Psychological Well-being: Coloured ‘mood’ lighting can improve psychological well-being, aid relaxation and improve the overall patient experience.

Saving Carbon & Cutting Costs
• At over 100lm/W luminaire efficiency, the Serenity® Dynawhite® Quadrum panels are amongst the most energy efficient on the LED panels on the market, offering a significant carbon saving on large scale projects
• Centralised power supplies reduce commissioning time and installation costs
• Rack-mounted LED driver installation allows easy access for any future maintenance