DALI 2 Implemented on iDrive® Uno CV and iDrive® DALI+

IST has announced the new generation of its DALI+ LED drivers, which incorporate updated functions from the new DALI 2 standard.

iDrive DALI+

The main improvement in DALI 2 compared to its predecessor first launched in 2000, is the opportunity to integrate innovative features, including remote control, light output compensation as LEDs fade over time and the ability to reduce lighting load when electrical demand is high.


The iDrive® DALI+ and iDrive® Uno CV are the first two IST products to receive the DALI 2 makeover and customers are able to upgrade their current boot-loadable systems by downloading new firmware from the IST support portal.

Matt Fitzpatrick explained: “DALI has unfortunately suffered significantly from incompatibility between products from all major suppliers and I have heard of so much frustration from end-users over the years, who just want a system that works. Although the new DALI 2 standard was supposed to tighten up the standard and reduce incompatibilities between products, it has actually increased the potential for incompatibility, as there are now functions that remain incompatible between V1 and V2 of DALI”.

“To assist the transition from DALI to DALI 2, IST have made it easier for installers by allowing them to configure the iDrive® DALI+ and iDrive® Uno CV drivers to be compatible with either V1.0 or V2.0, in order to reduce practical commissioning issues.” Click here to view a full table of DALI V1.0 and V2.0 functions for both products.

Despite the new iDrive® DALI+ and iDrive® Uno CV firmware being tested by an official DALI test rig to determine compatibility with the DALI standard (see link to product function table),there is wide industry acknowledgement there are currently no independent methods to test compatibility with DALI 2 at this time. However, IST’s in-house software developers are working hard to implement DALI and other control protocols such as Ethernet and KNX, so don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information on +44(0)121 362 1810 or via sales@istl.com.