IST Celebrates Big Win at Environmental Business Awards

IST Lighting Group was the proud winner of the Excellence in Retrofit Award at the 15th annual Midlands Environmental Business Company Awards on 3rd December in Birmingham. The awards honour companies who have made a significant contribution to the retrofit industry through the development of innovative products designed to improve a building’s green credentials and reduce the cost of installations. 

IST were selected for the company’s successful involvement in a biodynamic lighting retrofit installation using their Serenity Lighting® DynaWhite Quadrum LED panels, combined with smart sensors and the iMune® secure wireless control system, for a major high street bank.

The iMune® control system is capable of reducing energy consumption by up to an additional 70% when deployed with various smart sensors. iMune® also offers unprecedented levels of lighting control, including different light intensities and colour temperatures to suit individuals in their own work stations, right up to lighting management for complete buildings and multi-site clients.

The highly efficient Serenity® DynaWhite Quadrum panels make excellent retrofit replacements for fluorescent tubes in offices, hospitals, retail and education establishments. Recently installed in four dementia awards across three NHS sites, the DynaWhite® Quadrum panels, coupled with IST’s patented LED driver technology, offer staff and patients ‘healthy lighting’ without pulsing, eliminating the flicker sometimes associated with alternative LED lighting technology on the market.

Other benefits of biodynamic white LED lighting include:
• Regulating sleep patterns by mimicking the patterns of natural daylight, thereby replicating the many physical, physiological and psychological benefits associated with natural daylight exposure.
• Increasing alertness and productivity.
• Enhanced mood and improved sense of general wellbeing.
• Assisting mental and physical recovery.
• Aiding relaxation or stimulation at the right time of day.
• Reducing anxiety and confusion.
• Low maintenance, low energy, cost-effective solution.

IST Founder, Dr Geoff Archenhold, commented: ‘We are delighted to add this award to our growing list of accolades. To be acknowledged for our passion for sustainable lighting design and carbon reduction is a real honour. This award demonstrates how easy it is to make a dramatic contribution to protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption. It also highlights the region as a global leader in innovative and low carbon technologies”.