New iDrive® DALI+ Offers Widest Choice of DALI Drivers

IST Ltd, the UK design and manufacturer of iDrive® LED drivers, has announced the highly anticipated launch of the iDrive® DALI+ range of single channel, dual-protocol DALI and 1-10V dimming constant current LED drivers. The DALI+ is one of the most comprehensive ranges of DALI drivers on the market today, featuring 24 highly optimized LED driver models in power outputs ranging from 10W to 42W, which implement over 90 advanced commands from the official DALI BS EN 62386-101:2009, including the extended LED DALI instruction set. The DALI+ range offers the best ever compatibility experience for installers and the drivers work with most leading DALI occupancy and daylight control sensor systems.

The DALI+ range offers superb performance with efficiency up to 88% typical and incorporates a 1-10V interface for dual dimming control, eliminating the need to have two separate drivers. The DALI+ provides an unprecedented advanced control system to enable the reduction of carbon, energy and cost footprint of lighting installations.

The iDrive® DALI+ boasts an unrivalled and exceptionally smooth dimming performance, incorporating a patented technique capable of ultra-smooth dimming from 100% down to 0.3% of the output current, with the additional feature of being able to turn the LEDs completely off. The DALI+ also overcomes potential health issues by deploying a continuous analogue dimming current, which avoids the LED flicker problems associated with common PWM dimming drivers, enabling fixture manufacturers to claim truly healthy lighting solutions.

The advanced microprocessor contributes towards the high efficiency rating, which in combination with high quality components used within the design, results in an extended driver life. The iDrive® DALI+ uses active power factor control to optimise PFC to 0.95 at full load, whilst full galvanic isolation ensures it meets Class II double insulation requirements.


  • Smooth dimming performance from 100% to 0.3%
  • Integrated DALI and 1-10V interfaces
  • High efficiency (up to 88% max.)
  • Optimised for different voltage/current configurations
  • High PFC (0.95) and long life electrolytic capacitors
  • 24 models covering the most common current and voltage ranges
  • Programmable driver forward current (0-100%), retaining 256 intensity steps

Matt Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, commented: “The iDrive® DALI+ range is an exciting addition to our broad portfolio of LED drivers.  Our patented DC dimming technique, which enables flicker-free dimming down to 0.3%, offers our customers a significant advantage over their competitors’ LED lighting products.  I believe that LED lighting manufacturers who wish to elevate their brand will want to use our technology”.

Dr Geoff Archenhold, IST Founder, added: “The DALI+ range is a considerable step forward in LED driver technology and boasts unparalleled dimming performance. Using a new patented technique for single stage topology drivers, the team managed to deliver a minimum stable dimming range of 0.3% across any maximum forward current model, without the need to pulse current through the LEDs. To put our new innovation into context, most competing products become unstable at a minimum of 10%, with a few able to achieve 5% dimming. However, when customers compare 5% to 0.3%, there is a substantial and visibly clear difference, which end users appreciate instantly because the human eye is non-linear, especially when LEDs have a low output. The innovative patent developed is only one part of the iDrive® healthy lighting programme geared to reducing current ripple and pulsing of LED current through LEDs, which can have human health and performance effects when used for white lighting applications”.

The DALI+ range has been optimized for various LEDs including Lumileds, Cree, Osram, Bridgelux, Xicato, Sharp, Citizen and GE and is available in stock from IST and their distribution partners.

Complementing the iDrive® DALI+ range of drivers are the White Knight 32, a 32 channel, 672W LED driver, and the Thor 36, a 36 channel, 2000W LED driver, which can also operate using DMX, RDM or TCP/IP protocols. For more information on any of our DALI drivers, please contact Nina at

About IST:
IST Ltd is a world-class smart lighting company, specialising in the design and manufacture of ultra-efficient iDrive® drivers and Serenity Lighting™ systems, based specifically on innovative LED lighting solutions.

The research and development team has generated more than 13 patents worldwide and has a reputation for developing high quality LED drivers, used by over 50 lighting companies worldwide. The iDrive LED driver range provides a high degree of innovation, significant energy efficiency and the world’s first variable voltage, variable current drivers.

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