"IST's iDrive® innovations have generated a paradigm
shift in LED driver technology, from hardware
to software." Geoff Archenhold
Multi Channel

iDrive® Force 24
- 24 channel constant current
  672W LED driver
- DMX & RDM protocol support
- 19” 1U rack-mounted system
- 672W, variable forward current

iDrive® White Knight 36

 - 36 channel constant current

 - LED  driver

 - DALI,DMX, RDM, Art-Net3, sACN, Art-Osc

 - 0.1-1A programmable output

 - Integrated control system

iDrive® Quad

- 4 channel constant current
  LED driver
- Full DMX-512A & RDM feedback
- Independent channel programming:
- 350mA-1000mA max.

iDrive® Quattro CV

- 4 high resolution (10-bit)
  channel LED driver
- Constant voltage
- Incorporates DALI+
  and DMX/RDM
- Channel bonding capable
  (up to 10A)

iDrive® Thor 16

- 16 channel 300W CV 
LED driver

- Supports 7 protocols

- Excellent dimming

iDrive® Thor 36

- 36 channel constant voltage
  LED driver

  protocol support

- 19” 1U rack-mounted

- 8 or 16-bit dimming capability

Thor 36: Centralised, Ethernet LED Driver

iDrive® UL

- 3 channel constant current
  LED driver
- DMX-512 & hundreds of
  programmed settings
- UL approved
- 85% efficiency

iDrive® Quattro CCL

 - 4 channel high resolution   

   (16-bit) LED driver

 - Constant current

 - Incorporates DALI

   & DMX/RDM

 - DC voltage input range:

   10.5 to 50V

iDrive® Force 12 Silent

- 12 channel 320W CC 
  LED driver

- Silent operation

- Multi-protocol; excellent dimming

iDrive® Force 12 Hybrid+

- 12 channel 300W constant

current LED driver

- Power & Ethernet connectivity

- Flicker-free dimming

Force 12 channel LED driver Power and Ethernet

iDrive® Thor 16 Silent

- 16 channel 320W CV 
LED driver

- Silent operation

- 7 protocols; excellent dimming

The iDrive® range is optimised for use with all good quality high powered LED products such as Osram, Luxeon, Cree, Seoul Semiconductor, Nichia, Sharp, Citizen, and Bridgelux and incorporates worldwide patented technology, which overcomes the flicker and ripple current seen with PWM drivers to provide industry-leading dimming performance.



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Our iDrive® innovations have generated a paradigm shift in LED driver technology, from hardware to software. Please see the selection of products above and click to view details.
Integrated System Technologies (IST) Ltd. are global pioneers in the design and manufacture of world leading, intelligent iDrive® LED drivers and Serenity™ OEM LED lighting solutions for commercial, office, architectural, retail, entertainment, outdoor, amenity and domestic white light and RGB-W/A applications.
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