iNeon LED Flexible Strip

patented flexible, tough, weatherproof and bright LED neon-style strip

long life and durable

single colour and RGB options

energy saving

IP65 as standard







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Product Description:


IST offers a range of patented flexible, tough, weatherproof and bright neon style LED flexible strip that has none of the drawbacks associated with traditional glass neon products. It provides a unique oportunity to be creative whilst being extremely safe and energy efficient.

This product comes in single colour, RGB continuous and RGB digital addressable versions, allowing it to be an enhancement over traditional glass neon designs. Applications include digital signage, architectural lighting, entertainment and artistic installations where the simple setup qualities of the iNeon product make it excellent value for money whilst creating stunning and memorable lighting features.

• Flexibility 
iNeon LED flexible strip is easily formed by hand into many designs and easily cut to various lengths. Great for corners, curves, logos, patterns, facades and art.

• Long life and Durability 
iNeon is made with high quality LED’s offering over 50,000 hours life. This is helped by a patented tough, UV resistant and impact resistant casing making it easy to clean and maintain.

• Energy Saving 
Save 70% or more energy compared to traditional glass neon installations.

• Safety 
Low 24 volt operation offers safety benefits and opportunities for use where high voltage glass neon products would be unsuitable, such as in water recreation areas. There is also no glass in the iNeon products.

• Simplicity 
iNeon is simple to install without extensive equipment and skills. It can be formed on site direct from the roll using a range of mounting and connecting accessories. This reduces the cost of commissioning and allows installation by staff with less additional training.

• High and Even Brightness 
The patented high performance design delivers excellent performance with brightness and uniformity comparable to traditional neon.

• Transportable 
The product is supplied on rolls which are easily transported to site or production facilities. Unlike fragile glass products iNeon can be delivered on rolls or as a fully assembled design with minimal protection.

Technical Specifications:

Power per metre: 5W-16W

Voltage: 24V

Ingress Protection: IP65

Roll length: 50m

LEDs per metre: 70-80

Lumen Output (per metre): 250 to 500  

Construction: PVC base and opaque diffuser

Designed specifically for iDrive® Thor36 & Quattro CV drivers

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