"IST's iDrive innovations have generated a paradigm
shift in LED driver technology, from hardware
to software." Geoff Archenhold
Centralised / Rack-Mounted

iDrive® Force 24
- 24 channel constant current 
  672W LED driver
- DMX & RDM protocol support
- 19” 1U rack-mounted system
- 672W, variable forward current

Constant Current 24 Channel Rack-Mounted LED Driver

iDrive® White Knight 36

 - 36 channel constant current

 - LED  driver

 - DALI,DMX, RDM, Art-Net3, sACN, Art-Osc

 - 0.1-1A programmable output

 - Integrated control system

iDrive® Thor 36

- 36 channel constant voltage 
  LED driver

  protocol support

- 19” 1U rack-mounted 

- 8 or 16-bit dimming capability

36 Channel Constant Voltage Rack-mounted LED Driver

IST's iDrive® centralised /rack-mounted LED driver range offers the innovative approach of driving multiple LED fixtures from a central point.

Existing control solutions rely on a complex infrastructure in addition to the power system to deliver dimming, motion detection, daylight integration and scheduling. A centralised driver solution allows simple low voltage wiring to the luminaires, with the majority of the control features and
infrastructure at a central point. This vastly simplifies commissioning, design and robustness. 

Click here to understand more advantages of opting for iDrive® centralised systems over single channel variants.


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IST Ltds centralised topology has been deployed for over 4 years in leading commercial, office, NHS institutions and high-end residential and architectural lighting projects, saving buildings up to 75% of the energy consumed, while providing a new platform for improved intelligence and control for building management
Rack-mounted LED drivers have a significantly longer lifetime compared to single channel drivers as are usually located in ambient temperatures of 20-25C. In addition, there are no electrolytic capacitors on the output stages; only solid-state polymer capacitors, which have lifetimes of hundreds of thousands of hours compared to traditional driver solutions that use electrolytic capacitors of up to 5000 hours
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