The worldwide patented iDrive® LED driver family provides a comprehensive range of reliable, robust, exceptionally efficient and highly functional single and multi-channel LED & OLED drivers and power solutions for a wide range of applications. The iDrive® brand is one of the most comprehensive LED driver family ranges available worldwide and covers a wide choice of protocols (DALI, 1-10V, DMX/RDM, mains dimmable, non-dimming, KNX, TCP/IP), as well as constant current and constant voltage variants. Several of the drivers have the unique functionality of running more than one driver protocol simultaneously, on account of IST’s patented driver technologies.

What is different about iDrive® LED Drivers?

The iDrive® advantage:

  • UK design, manufacture
    and customer support
  • Unrivalled 8 & 16 bit
    dimming performance (<0.1%)
  • Feature-rich functionality
  • Lean & green manufacturing
  • High driver efficiency and PFC
  • Precise, advanced feedback and control 
  • Environmentally conscious
  • No PWM = healthy lighting! 
  • Long life (no electrolytic capacitors)

IST’s iDrive® LED drivers boast unrivalled dimming capability enabling LED fixtures to be able to be dimmed down to 0.1% and to replicate smooth halogen or incandescent dimming. IST has spent over 10 years investigating and developing new driver technology, achieving dramatic results by creating long-life LED drivers that have very low ripple current whilst stopping LED flicker by not needing to use PWM or other pulsing technologies.

The majority of the iDrive® LED drivers incorporate the patented variable voltage (also known as dynamic headroom) technology to enable LED fixtures to be placed up to 300m away from the driver, allowing great flexibility for fixtures in hard to reach places or outdoors.

IST has spent the past three years developing its eco-DSP digital signal processing platform, in order to develop the next generation of LED drivers, which are far superior to any other LED drivers on the market.