Light plays an important role in our health
and wellbeing. In the past, this was dictated
by the natural rhythms of
daylight and the changing

In today’s society, we spend up to
90% of our time indoors and are
profoundly affected by artificial light,
which can disrupt the body’s
natural rhythms.

Daylight access is not always possible in every indoor space, but artificial light with controllable colour and intensity can trigger the psychological and physiological benefits generated by exposure to natural light.

Serenity Lighting® offers a range of Dynawhite® biodynamic luminaires, drivers and controls, delivering colour tuneable, customisable and controllable healthy lighting systems with no flicker. By mimicking the daily of variations of daylight within the luminaire, varying from cool white at the start of the day to warmer light closer to bed time, the negative effects caused by lack of exposure to daylight can be reduced.

In-depth research has proven that careful design of biodynamic lighting systems to replicate daylight patterns can have a positive impact on our health, wellbeing and mood. This in turn leads to increased human alertness, activity, productivity, as well as patient recovery and relaxation.

Not only does biodynamic lighting hold potential benefits for dementia care and healthcare in general, but offers far-reaching benefits in other sectors, such as education institutions and office environments.

Varies from cool to warm lighting, mimicking variations of natural light Improved sense of wellbeing Better sleep patterns Increased alertness and activity Assists relaxation or stimulation Improved mood and assists mental & physical recovery Helps energise at the right times Reduces anxiety and confusion Conducive to learning Flicker-free, healthy lighting A wide range of state of the art control systems available
Sectors that benefit from Biodynamic Lighting Include ...
Dementia care Residential care Hospitals Schools Universities Offices & businesses
Throughout the day, the intensity and colour of natural light is changing. Our eyes detect these changes, which affects our alertness and sleep / wake pattern through the release of melatonin.

You can see the effect of natural light conditions on melatonin levels = more desire to sleep.


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