Dr Geoff Archenhold

Geoff Archenhold“We are at the start of the digital lighting revolution; lighting should not only define who we are but define how we work, rest and play. Solid state lighting provides the lighting industry with the opportunity to become the inspirational leaders of global sustainability but we need to ensure quality prevails over cost and inspiration prevails over indecision." - Dr Geoff Archenhold

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a
follower” - Steve Jobs

Dr Geoff Archenhold is the visionary, brains and the passion behind IST, which he founded back in 1997 as a vehicle to push the boundaries of lighting through the rapidly developing LED technology.

Geoff is passionate about accelerating energy conservation and providing sustainable lighting products that offer a step-change in visual performance compared to traditional light sources.  Geoff has been a visible champion of the UK solid state lighting community for over a decade, helping companies engage in the lighting market.

Recognised as one of Europe’s leading experts on solid-state lighting,

Geoff has on several occasions been appointed as a strategic advisor to the UK Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and wrote the UK’s first Photonics Strategy in 2006, which included Solid State Lighting and was launched with Lord Sainsbury. More recently, Geoff contributed to the EC Green Paper on Lighting, which focused on how the European Commission should support and grow the energy efficient lighting market in Europe.