iDrive® Force 12

Force 12

12 channel constant current LED driver with integrated controller

Multiple control protocols implemented

Up 320W across 12 fixture outputs

Ideal for colour tunable lighting systems

Ethernet connectivity

iDrive Force 12_integrated controller










Product Description

The iDrive® Force 12 is the world's first LED driver to integrate an advanced control system alongside a powerful 320W driver stage, which can control up to 12 independent output channels with the widest ever range of dimming control protocols.

The Force 12 can be dynamically configured to use DALI, DMX, RDM, Art-Net3, TCP/IP and sACN dimming protocols, whilst being able to monitor external occupancy and ambient light sensors, without the need for expensive external control systems.

Advanced control technology combined with the powerful ieOS operating system enables users to dim the constant current fixtures in 8-bit or 16-bit mode, offering unprecedented accuracy for dimming and colour control.

The Force 12 utlises the patented HyperDrive™ driver technology, which has been designed specifically to deliver medically effective lighting for humans and animals. The HyperDrive™ system avoids current pulses to dim the outputs and thereby mitigates the risk of headaches or migraines after long exposure, which can be associated with other common PWM-based systems.


High power density: 320W constant current output power

Wall-mounted driver system

DMX, RDM, DALI, Art-Net3, TCP/IP & sACN protocol support.

Force 12 drives up to 12 independent channels

Universal Mains Input: 100V AC - 240V AC

Backlit 16x2 LCD display menu system

8-bit master to 16-bit resolution, with 32-bit HyperDrive option

Short circuit protection

Real-time LED current & voltage monitoring

HTP merging of 2x DMX controllers

Linear and curve output options on each channel

Fixture Protection

Configures as 4 outputs of 3 channels or 3 outputs of 4 channels

Configures as 4 outputs of 3 channels or 3 outputs of 4 channels

240W solution can drive up to 1000mA per channel; either 6 channels @ 48V

Electrical Specifications


Input Voltage Range:  100 - 240V AC; 124 - 370V DC

Input Frequency: 50- 60Hz

Consumption:  1– 320W

PFC @ max input power:  >0.95 (230V AC) to 0.98 (115V AC)

Efficiency:  >88% at full load 

Connection:  Standard IEC mains input

Standby Power:  <1w total="" --1w--="">

No Load Power (total): 13W or 1.08W per output

No Load PFC: 0.45

Insulation Class:  1

Max Peak Inrush Current: 40A @ 230V AC; 20A @ 115V AC

Start-up time:  5 seconds


Output Power:  0-48 Watts per channel

Total Output Power: 0-320W

Output Current: 0 - 1A per channel MAX

Voltage Range:  1 - 48V DC

LED Connection: 8 pin terminal connectors x4


Dimming control:  DMX-512A, RDM, DALI, Art-Net3, sACN & TCP/IP. 

Connection:  5-pin XLR-DMX, 2xRJ45-45 DMX, 2-pin DALI, 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet & RJ11

S-Port sensors

Dimming Range: 0-100%

DMX Address Range:  001-512 via menu; RDm, TCP/IP system to 65, 535

Programs:  See User Manual for all pre-sets

Master / Slave Arrangement:  See User Manual

Dimming Resolution: 8-bit; 16-bit


Mounting:  Wall-mounted

Construction:  Steel case to IP20

Weight:   1.5kg


Operating Ambient Temperature:  -10ºC to + 50ºC

Storage Ambient Temperature:  -20ºC to + 50ºC

Case Temperature:  + 75ºC

Relative Humidity:  80%, non-condensing


Over voltage, over temperature, overload, short circuit, over power;

withstands 300V AC surge input for 5 seconds



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