Tendo Emergency Lighting Module

Designed especially for LED fixtures

3 hours maintained current output

Automatic current setting for maintained constant output

New: self-test and DALI options

Slim profile for easy installation

Integrated electrical protection







Emergency Lighting Module Image

Product Description:


The Serenity Tendo Emergency lighting module range is designed to convert a wide range of LED fixtures to an emergency feature. The Tendo is suitable for most standard LED luminaires and arrays containing from 2 to 20 LEDs in series (6 to 55V DC).

The Tendo emergency range is designed to be inserted into the low voltage connection between the mains LED driver and LED fixture to allow the LEDs to be operated as normal under mains healthy conditions or at a reduced light output in emergency mode.

The Tendo range automatically adjusts the outputLED current to provide the best match between the battery and the load, providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring full battery duration. The Tendo emergency lighting module is compatible with a wide range of LED emitters and arrays such as Philips Fortimo DLM, SLM and LLM ranges, Bridgelux LS/ES/RS ranges, Citizen 4-41W ranges, GE Infusion, Xicato and many others.

The converter/charger module is housed in a standard HRN sized case and comes complete with 8 way and 4 way terminal blocks. The 8 way allows connection of unswitched 240V supply, irreversible battery connector, charge indicator LED and additional relay terminals to isolate the supply to the associated mains LED driver, whilst the 4 way allows connection of two leads in from the maintaining LED driver, and two out to the LEDs themselves. For complete details on installation and maintenance please refer to product user guide.

Technical Specifications:


Output Current:

Maintained Output Duration: 3 hours minimum

LED Current Limit: 320mA

LED Voltage Limit: 3 cell = 55V DC


Supply Voltage:  220-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Rating: 4.7W

Battery Current Limit: 1100mA

Charge Current: 200mA

Recharge Period: 24 hours


Connection Terminals: 0.5-1.5mm2 screw terminals

Battery Type: 3 x 4Ah D Cell Ni-Cd (NiMH available by special request)

Dimensions (module): 230mm x 52mm x 30mm

Dimensions (battery pack): 40mm x 300mm

Weight:  1kg


Operating Ambient Temperature:  0ºC to + 50ºC

Max Case Temperature:  +70ºC
Max Battery Temperature:  + 70ºC
Battery Fuse: internal
Supply Fuse: 20 x 5mm 1A quick blow



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