iDrive® DALI+

Single Channel Constant Current DALI LED Driver

Constant current DALI LED driver

Super smooth dimming from 100% to 0.3%

Single channel output

Implements over 90 DALI commands from DALI BS EN 62386-101:2009

Efficiency:  88% typical; PFC:  0.95 typical at full load 










Product Description

The iDrive® range of high performance LED drivers are the lighting industry’s perfect solution for powering high brightness LEDs and LED arrays from a mains supply.

The new iDrive® DALI+ is one of the most complete DALI ballasts available on the market today and implements over 90 DALI commands from the official DALI BS EN 62386-101:2009 standard, including Part 107, which covers extended commands specifically for LED ballasts.

The iDrive® DALI+ is no ordinary DALI driver, enabling the maximum forward current to be software configured through DALI commands between 10% and 100%. If a 1A driver is configured to operate @ 700mA, the user still gets 8-bit resolution and minimum dimming to 0.3%.

The iDrive® DALI+ implements smooth constant current dimming support from 100% to 0.3% of the output current, with the ability to turn LEDs completely off. Employing a continuous analogue dimming current, the iDrive® DALI+ overcomes health and LED flicker problems associated with driving LEDs using PWM techniques.

The iDrive® DALI+ incorporates an advanced microprocessor design to achieve up to 88% efficiency and combines this with high quality components to offer extended driver life. The iDrive® DALI+ uses active power factor control to optimise PFC > 0.9 at full load, whilst full galvanic isolation ensures it meets Class II double insulation requirements.

The iDrive® DALI+ comes in a compact design and offers over 24 models, covering all of the major LED and LED array vendors in a power range from 10W to 42W, ensuring it is the most comprehensive and high performance DALI driver series yet.


EN 55015:2006, FCC

N 61547/61047

EN 60929:2009

EN 61000-3-2



EN 55015:2006, FCC

Electrical Specifications


Input Voltage Range:  200V AC to 240V AC +/-10%

Input Frequency:  47Hz to 63Hz

Consumption:  12-48W max.

Power Factor:  >0.9 @ full load

Efficiency:  Up to 88% typical @ full load

AC Mains Connection: 5mm pitch screw terminals

LED/IP Connector: 5 pole 5mm pitch screw terminals

Insulation:  Double insulated (Class II)

Stand-by Power: <500mW
Inrush Current: <3A
Leakage Current: <0.25mA
Output Options
Output Voltage: +9V to +55V DC*
Output Power: 42W max.*
Line Regulation: 1% max.
Load Regulation: 5% max.
Control Input
Dimming Control:  Standard DALI interface
DALI Connector: 2-pole 5mm pitch screw terminals
Dimming Range:  <3% to 100% of output load current
Maximum Current: 10% to 100% (programmable)
Mounting:  2x M4 screw mounting holes
Construction: ABS Housing at IP 20
Operating Ambient Temperature:  -20ºC to +50ºC
Storage Ambient Temperature:  -20ºC to +70ºC
Relative Humidity: 85% max, non-condensing
Maximum Case Temp. Tc: 80ºC
Overload, OVP, Short Circuit and Open Circuit Protection
150.1 x 50.7 x 31mm (max.)
180-220 grams



Integrated System
Technologies Ltd
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31 Gate Lane

Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5TR

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the leading iDrive® LED driver range comprises mains dimmable, DALI+, 1-10V,DMX and RDM solutions in ranges of 4W to 1000W of output power, with constant current and constant voltage options available.
The Dali LED Driver range is ideally suited to white, variable white and colour lighting fixtures for architectural, entertainment, retail, commercial and domestic applications.
IST are global pioneers in the design of intelligent iDrive® LED drivers and Serenity™ OEM LED lighting solutions for commercial, office, architectural, retail, entertainment, outdoor and domestic white light and RGB-W/A applications.
IST serves an international customer base, including several multinational lighting companies, providing bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions including the Dali LED Driver pictured above.
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