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European Application No: 09784871.7; Australian Patent No. 2009278992;

Chinese Patent No. ZL200980139063; US Patent No. 8,664,882 

Filed: 5th August, 2008

The patent describes various embodiments for developing high efficiency LED downlights with light output ratios more than 0.8 by extending the apparent source size of the light emitters. Embodiments include examples of using remote phosphors, Quantum dots, AC or DC driven LEDs and variable CCT downlights.

Patent areas covered:

  • LED Downlight Fixture 
  • Including Phosphor or Quantum Dots
  • LED Driving – AC or DC
  • Variable CCT, CRI 
  • PWM, PAM, PFM + More current control
  • PFC and Power Conditioning
  • Fixture with LPW > 40; LOR>0.8
  • The use of diffuser materials
  • The use of reflectors

Claim 1: A downlighting illumination system that maintains a high light output ratio (>0.75) with an extended apparent source size to provide a near uniform illuminance, CCT and CRI distribution across an illuminated area comprising:

  • a power source to supply any one of a range of AC or DC voltages;

  • a means for controlling the power factor and power quality to the system;

  • a light emitting source with appropriate thermal conductivity and dissipation means;

  • a reflector comprising a reflective inner surface having an input aperture and an output aperture and arranged to receive light from said light emitting source through said input aperture and to reflect said light through the output aperture in a manner that virtually extends the apparent size of the light emitting source to fully illuminate the output aperture;

  • an electronic driving system to control the light output characteristics of the light emitting source;

  • a mechanical means for securing the position of the said illumination system.

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Figures from the USA Patent which shows embodiments of the LED downlighter using remote phosphor and quantum dots (right)

Patent Application covers the main aspects of the downlight innovation.

  • Extended source reflector system to provide low glare index and fools the eye to think it is not an LED light source

  • High LOR and Lumens Per Watt

  • Direct and Wavelength conversion technologies covered.

  • Downlighter configuration(s)

  • Uniform light output characteristics covering vari-white CCT and CRI

  • Diffusers, Sensors, Heat sink and Drivers

  • Single, Multiple LED emitters with one or more LED die