An innovative approach to driving multiple LED fixtures
from a central point.

Existing control solutions rely on a complex infrastructure in
addition to the power system to deliver dimming, motion
detection, daylight integration and scheduling. A centralised
driver solution allows simple low voltage wiring to the
luminaires with the majority of the control features and
infrastructure at a central point. This vastly simplifies
commissioning, design and robustness!

IST Ltd’s centralised topology has been deployed for over 4 years in leading commercial, office, NHS institutions and high-end residential and architectural lighting projects, saving buildings up to 75% of the energy consumed, while providing a new platform for improved intelligence and control for building management.

ultra-smooth dimming
Significant cost savings
for lighting installations
Allows quick set-up,
programming and reduces
commissioning times
Reduced number of drivers
to commission
Simple low voltage wiring required Significantly more accurate power delivery means the current stated on the output is being delivered to the LED solution, ensuring LEDs are not overdriven, which might result in reduction of lifetimes Observe menus for reporting wiring faults on outputs Higher quality, more robust LED driver solution Significantly improved functionality compared to single driver solutions Comprehensive over voltage, over current, over power and over temperature protection High performance, step-less pseudo analogue dimming with 8 and 16 bit resolutions available Flexible power outputs to support a wide range of LED and OLED fixtures Constant current and constant voltage systems Constant current solution automatically caters for drops in cable voltages Offer the ability to channel bond to increase available output current Offer the ability to wire common anode fixtures Supports multiple dimming protocols- DMX, RDM, DSI, DALI, Ethernet (Art Net 3, KiNET and sACN) Significantly higher efficiency: each output stage is >98% efficient and maintains efficiency when being dimmed Higher driver efficiency improves system lumen per watt but also reduces internal temperatures, increasing overall system lifetime and reliability
Rack-mounted LED drivers are usually located in ambient temperatures of 20-25°C, which significantly improves lifetime compared to single driver solutions with electronics which operate between 80 and 110°C No electrolytic capacitors are used on the output stages; only solid-state polymer capacitors which have lifetimes of hundreds of  thousands of hours compared to traditional driver solutions that use electrolytic capacitors of up to 5000 hours Higher quality components are used in the AC/DC conversion process, ensuring longer life Spare output channels within a driver can be easily used to support additional requirements, or back up in the event of a channel failure Centralised, rack-mounted LED drivers are easy to access in the event of changes to the system, unlike traditional drivers located by the fixture in the ceiling Rack-mounted drivers can be located up to 100 metres away from fixtures, enabling drivers to be placed indoors even if fixtures are outdoors, thus mitigating the need to source-IP rated drivers
Improved driver efficiency due to high quality components and novel output stages Highest power density possible. The majority of IST’s iDrive® centralised drivers are 1U, but are capable of offering up to 36 channels and over 2000W of power Real-time energy management and reporting Ability to monitor and adapt lighting levels to enhance workplace productivity Flexible, scalable open platform
Multiple control protocols in one product removes the need and therefore expense of installing Ability to include Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces to allow Internet based communication Easy to integrate with energy management apps on mobile devices Easy-to-use web access Complete monitoring, maintenance and management of project installations Offers full potential to reduce the need for complex additional control systems & their costs The ability to connect occupancy and daylight sensors directly
to drivers and enable them to be virtual units

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Technologies Ltd
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IST are global pioneers in the design of intelligent iDrive® LED drivers and Serenity™ OEM LED lighting solutions for commercial, office, architectural, retail, entertainment, outdoor and domestic white light and RGB-W/A applications. IST serves an international customer base, including several multinational lighting companies, providing bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions, 4 channel drivers, ac/dc drivers and more.
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