About Us

Integrated System Technologies (IST) Ltd. are global pioneers in the delivery of smart, low voltage power and Ethernet (PaE) LED lighting projects.  
Based in the UK, but serving an extensive international client base, we design and manufacture world-leading, flicker-free iDrive® LED drivers, Serenity® healthy LED lighting solutions and iMune® control systems for intelligent buildings in commercial, architectural, entertainment, hospitality, retail, outdoor and amenity applications.

IST is extremely passionate about accelerating energy conservation by providing cost effective, sustainable LED lighting projects, which offer an evolution in energy monitoring, energy management and control, not to mention a superior visual and end-user experience. 

IST strives to reduce the complexity of facilities management, whilst simultaneously providing the healthiest possible artificial lighting available, in order to improve the health and general well-being of workers, patients, students and people in general their everyday environments.

IST applies years of knowledge of LED driver technology in the design and manufacture of high quality, durable iDrive® LED power solutions, which are ultra-efficient and deliver up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional lighting schemes.

The centralised iDrive® LED driver range is totally unique to IST and has been specified for some of the world's most prestigious projects since 2010. Capable of remotely powering up to 36 LED fixtures and designed for installation in server or maintenance rooms up to 300m from the luminaires, allowing easy access for installation, commissioning and routine maintenance. This reduces downtime and the costly, maintenance headache for buildings in which luminaires are external, or installed in high and difficult to access areas, such as factories, atriums, stairwells, hospitals, theatres and cinemas, etc.

Through its Serenity Lighting® division, we provide a completely holistic design ethos, enabling lighting designers, specifiers and facilities managers etc. to deliver low voltage, power and Ethernet LED lighting projects. 

No need to wait for PoE!

The iMune® control system is our newest and most exciting innovation, which offers a viable alternative to Power over Ethernet today for lighting and energy management, including evacuation guidance. iMune® is ideally suited for converged IP networks supporting multiple IP control protocols and the system has already been installed in a global high street bank, amongst other commercial and architectural projects.

DMX DriversThe IST team has considerable lighting and LED experience and has been working with LEDs for almost 20 years; they are the key innovators of advanced technologies used within the LED industry, with over 20 international patents covering LED drivers, power design, optical systems, downlights and non-imaging optics. Click here for patent details. Since 1997, IST Ltd. has built a strong reputation as pioneers within the SSL industry, with a strong focus on quality, service and delivery.


  • To deliver advanced technology to our global OEM partners, in order to enable inspirational and innovative LED driver and lighting solutions for the creation of healthy and sustainable environments for everyone.

  • To empower our customers to embrace high quality solid-state lighting solutions,
    incorporating pioneering intelligence to accelerate energy conservation and control.


  • To develop intelligent lighting systems that enable personalisation of light to create a natural environment which is safe, healthy and truly sustainable.